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Memberships Options

Joining our monthly membership at 360 Wellness Lounge offers tailored packages to fit your needs, from Silver to Hyper plans. Enjoy priority booking, exclusive discounts, and personalized wellness consultations. Whether you choose 4 sessions a month or unlimited access, you'll receive exceptional care and support to achieve your health goals.


$ 99

per month

  • 4 sessions per month*

  • 10% off additional sessions*


$ 199

per month

  • 12 sessions per month*

  • 10% off additional sessions*



$ 299

per month

  • Unlimited per month*

  • 15% off hyperbaric chamber

  • Add family member in same household for $99

  • 1 cryotherapy guest pass per month


$ 499

per month

  • Unlimited per month hyperbaric oxygen chamber only

  • Excludes hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Additional Information Applies To All Memberships

  • 3 month minimum commitment required unless changing membership levels.

  • Auto-renewal until written 30 day cancellation submitted by client.

  • No roll-over

  • Based on availability

  • One person per membership

  • Non-transferable

Sales Tax Not Included In Monthly Memberships